Our Team of Dedicated Professionals

Don Ellis, Agent

 There is little in the trucking industry that Don Ellis has not  experienced first-hand. Starting as a company driver in 1998 Don worked his way up to Owner Operator,  dispatcher,  and Fleet Owner. After spending 10 years Trucking,  Don switched Gears. In 2008 he started working on the Freight Broker side of the Transportation Industry. Today, Don is one of the most successful Agents at Landstar, overseeing  dispatchers, account managers, Associates, Branch managers, and customer service representatives.  Committed to excellent service and professionalism in all aspects of the  process, Don strives to develop forward-thinking solutions for customer needs, and provide outstanding quality at every turn.  


Tammy Ellis, Agency Vice President

 Tammy is the co-founder of the Agency. Tammy is the Vice President of the company and Manages account assignments at the agency. Tammy was the top producing Account manager at the agency before being promoted to managing account assignments. Tammy is responsible for building many of the accounts that the agency is still successfully moving freight on today. Tammy has been responsible for several million dollars in revenue in her career with the agency. Tammy started working at the Agency in 2008   

Mike Tritt , Agency Consultant

 ​ Mike has been a successful Landstar Agent  for many years. Mike successfully managed power only moves across the US with his agency. Mike decided to allow our team to handle these operations while he is semiretired, but is still involved in consulting to ensure his long time customer remains happy. Mike joined our team in Jan 2018. Mike brings several good opportunities to the agency.  

Paula Warner, Satellite Associate and Branch Manager

Paula is an Associate with a satellite office located in Longview, TX.  Paula Specializes in Dry Van Freight. Paula  Manages the Operations of a Multi Million dollar account.  This account is on tract to be the top revenue account for the agency in 2018. Paula is a very valuable Branch Manager. Paula's team works really hard to provide customers with quality service. Paula began working with the Agency in October of 2012.

Stephen Warner, Satellite Associate

Stephen assist in the management of the Longview TX Satellite office. Stephen Also is the  Chief Operations Officer of our sister Company, Loyalty Logistics. Our Sister Company operates trucks leased to Landstar. The purpose of adding a trucking branch is to make sure there is always a truck available for our customers. Stephen is continuing to grow the trucking branch. Stephen Started with the agency in October of 2012

Randi Graves, Account Manager

Randi works in the Harrogate TN office. Randi Specializes in Flatbed And Step Deck freight. Randi started with the Agency in July 2015

Mike Day, Account Manager

  Mike Day works in the Harrogate TN office. Mike manages the operations for one of agency's largest flatbed / step deck accounts.  Mike has been with the Agency since October 2013. Mike earned the Award for the most "Direct Freight" loads booked in 2017. ​  



Anna Lloyd,Power Only Account Manager

 Anna is located in  Oneida, TN.  Anna Has been working Power Only for many years. Anna is the Account manager for power only shipments in IL, IN and WA. Anna ​transferred​ to our agency in March 2018

Shonda Rose, Capacity Solutions Specialist

 Shonda Works in the Harrogate TN office. Shonda dispatches trucks, provides capacity to customers , and makes status updates on active loads. Shonda started with the agency in June of 2018   

Kayla Senters, Capacity Solutions Specialist

 Kayla Works in the Harrogate TN office. Kayla dispatches trucks, provides capacity to customers , and makes status updates on active loads. Kayla started with the agency in May of 2018 

Janessa Slaughter , Traffic Coordinator​

  Janessa is a member of Paula's team in Longview TX. Janessa is responsible for tracking and dispatching drivers booked out of the Longview TX office. Janessa has been with the Agency since Nov 2015 

Michael Morris, Dispatcher

 Michael is part of Paula's team in the  Longview TX office. Michael has been with the agency since July 2017  


 From left to right, Jeff , Mike , and Don . This Photo was taken at Boca Raton FL during the 2018 Landstar Convention.


From Left to right... Stephen, Paula, Tammy and Don. This photo was taken in Boca Reton FL at the 2016 Landstar Agent convention.


Over the years, This agency has received many awards. One award that we are most proud of is our Safety Award. We take pride in putting Safety and Customer service first at this agency.


This is a photo of the first truck operated by our sister company Loyalty Logistics. All trucks operated by Loyalty Logistics are leased to Landstar.

We Service all Areas in the US. We also Service Mexico and Canada

Now Hiring

Account Managers

We have account Managers who average from $25K-200K depending on your volumes. We pay commission, so the more you do the more $$$ you make. All employees are offered benefits such as Health Insurance.

Capacity Solutions Specialist

 Commission pay with guaranteed weekly minimum salary. 

Truck Driver

.50 cents per mile or 30% of the Truck Line Haul. We offer different opportunities to fit a driver's needs.


Commission based pay.

Satellite Associate

Commission based work from Home.

Available Opportunities Call 888-907-8678 for details

Account Manager

Experienced in Transportation Industry and freight Brokerage. In office position that comes with Benefits such as Health Insurance.

Capacity Solutions Specialist

Must be willing to learn the transportation industry. Must type a minimum of 40 wpm.  In office position that comes with Benefits such as Health Insurance

Satellite Associate

Experienced in Freight Brokerage or the Transportation Industry and willing to learn. ( Work from home office)

Truck Driver

Must have a minimum of 2 years OTR Driving experience.