Freight Broker who provides Power Only Units


Surge Freight, Special Projects, Seasonal, or Dedicated

  •   Do You have your own Fleet of trucks and use special trailers but need help when the market brings you a surge of freight?  Have a Special Project that needs more power units and truck load capacity? Have Seasonal Freight? or are you looking for year around dedicated power units to pull your trailers?  Landstar exceeds truck load capacity for most trucking companies and  freight brokers with over 10,500 power units running under the Landstar umbrella and access to 59,000 carriers.    ​ 

  • We can save you the cost of scaling your fleet of drivers up and down. 
  • With the cost of purchasing extra power units for the busy season only to have them sitting not being used during the slow season. 
  • The Cost  of  recruiting  drivers for the heavy Freight seasons. Then during the slow season drivers leaving because they don't get the miles. 
  • The cost of insurance for the equipment that is only being used during the freight surge.

How we are able to cover your Power Only and Scale up and Down as needed

  • Landstar has over the road drives who live all over the United States. We are not like other trucking companies who are limited to areas where terminals are located.  This gives us the Opportunity to service customers anywhere. 
  • We can bring drivers and truck load capacity in who are normally "running the system" and have them work your dedicated lanes during your surge. The drivers will go back to "running the system " once the surge is over.

  • We do not have the extra cost of adding equipment or recruiting new drivers. We have drivers ready to move the freight whenever you have freight that needs to be moved.

  • Landstar has a wide range of customers throughout the US which gives us access to drivers with all experience required to pull your trailers including normal Dry Vans  , Flatbeds, Step Decks,  Conestoga, Refrigerated, and oversize. We have drivers ready to move the freight. 
  • The freight Brokerage part of our Business gives us Access to another 51,000 qualified carriers plus the more than 10,000 Landstar trucks.

If You Need Extra Power units to cover your Seasonal or Surge Freight Give Us A Call Today

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Expedite Power Only Services

Need Power Only in a hurry today? We have people on call 24/7/365 who can take your call and get your needs serviced. We can build a group of drivers who are ready to move your power only shipments as regular power only freight, or we can Expedite a power only load in any area at any time